Case Review

As the judgment given by Legal Property Solutions judges (see note below) at either a paper hearing or live hearing will be reasoned and based on the evidence put forward by the parties, it is unlikely that either will wish to have the decision reviewed.

However, as other forms of dispute resolution are criticised for lacking an appeal process and, therefore, leaving parties with no redress if a party is dissatisfied with the outcome, Legal Property Solutions have incorporated a Case Review.

Within 21 days of receiving final judgment, either party may request a review. The matter will then be referred to the judge dealing with the matter for comment on the basis for the review and the judge will then provide a response either granting or refusing the appeal within a further 21 days. If the party requesting the review remains dissatisfied, the judgment, the reasons for the review and the judge’s response to the application for review may be forwarded to a different legal expert, acting as a review judge for further consideration and final determination.

Note: The word “judge” is used to describe the lawyer deciding the case. Although a number of our legal experts are also appointed to sit as judges by the Courts, he or she will be acting independently from this role.