In proceedings before the Court, the Parties will need to produce:

  • Issue fee (Up to £10,000.00)
  • Particulars of claim
  • Defence/counterclaim
  • Reply/Defence to counterclaim
  • Reply to counterclaim
  • Attendance at directions hearing
  • Detailed costs budget
  • Allocation questionnaire
  • Payment of listing fee usually £1090.00
  • Listing questionnaire
  • Attendance at a pre-trial review
  • Trial bundle
  • Skeleton arguments


By comparison, the following are required for a matter to be heard or dealt with by Legal property Solutions:

  • Case Summary or summaries
  • A list of issues
  • An agreement to appoint
  • Hearing bundle or bundles
  • The fees paid to Legal Property Solutions will be dependent upon the amount of time that the judge or legal expert is required to spend on the matter.